The BOS code of conduct contains standards for behavior and ethics for the (business) behavior of BOS participants and for the embedding of the BOS organization.

Creating and maintaining the BOS code of conduct

The board of BOS is responsible for creating and maintaining the BOS code of conduct. The meaning of the code of conduct lies not only in the way in which the code of conduct is used, but also how it is controlled. To this end, a quality enforcement committee has been set up.

The practicality of the code of conduct must be demonstrated in practice. BOS participants can submit proposals to the quality enforcement committee to improve or tighten the code of conduct. These proposals can lead to the amendment of the BOS code of conduct. The code of conduct will be put on the agenda each year for evaluation; constructive criticism, complaints that have come in for the attention of the quality enforcement committee, or obligations that BOS or BOS participants conclude with third parties will be included in this evaluation.
To whom does the BOS Code of Conduct apply?

This code of conduct applies to all BOS participants. BOS expects the BOS participants to implement this code of conduct and also comply with the relevant socially accepted rules and contractual provisions if they are active on behalf of BOS. If a BOS participant does not comply with the code of conduct, expectations and related contractual obligations, this can lead to the termination of the BOS participation. Termination of the BOS participation for this reason will as such also be communicated to the other BOS participants.

Every BOS participant conforms to the BOS code of conduct when registering as a BOS participant. In case of a change to the BOS code of conduct, previously subscribed participants will be asked to endorse the amended code.

Non-BOS participants cannot appeal to the BOS code of conduct.

Requirements and acceptance as BOS participant

BOS has an Assignment Committee. Only those entrepreneurs and ambassadors who meet the requirements of the BOS Code of Conduct, and endorse this code of conduct and want to spread it, can become BOS participants.

The basic requirements for BOS participants are the following:

  • Participation is personal and reserved to directors / CEO’s of companies;
  • Name, address and location details can easily be checked and are public;
  • Registration in the registers of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • In possession of a VAT number (at least for members established in the Netherlands);
  • A participant is visible and is in possession of a website;
  • A participant does not have a criminal record, has not been prosecuted for a criminal offense, or has not appeared in the media in a compromising manner;
  • A participant as ambassador of BOS has a direct involvement with BOS or an objective set out by BOS.
Privacy and data protection

BOS is aware that the protection of privacy is of the utmost importance and that business and personal data must be treated carefully. Our BOS participants get knowledge of company and personal information from other BOS participants and / or their clients and / or their projects during meetings. BOS and the BOS participants are obliged to the organization and the BOS participants to guarantee the applicable legislation. BOS collects, processes or uses company and personal data only if this is necessary for specific, clear and legitimate business purposes. The processing and use of data is transparent for BOS participants. They therefore have the right at all times to obtain information, to object and to make corrections and to request corrections.

Non-BOS participants

BOS participants want to work together with business partners who, like them, set the bar high when it comes to ethical business practices. The BOS participant, who in his capacity as BOS participants for the provision of services is approached by a non-BOS participant, should inform this BOS participant of the BOS code of conduct and indicate that he must first report to the BOS the appointment committee of BOS before business can be done with this party.

BOS code of conduct 

dated 10 april 2018

The BOS code of conduct applies to all BOS participants.

  1. The BOS code of conduct aims to determine the (business) behavior of the BOS participant in relation to the BOS organization, and in the cooperation with its fellow BOS entrepreneurs in particular.
  2. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee is charged with the ballotage of a BOS participant, and with the control and quality enforcement of the BOS code of conduct.
  3. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee consists of 3 members. The members of the Appointment and Enforcement Committee are on the committee for one year and are appointed by the board from amogst the BOS participants.
  1. A BOS participant can be a company or a male or female ambassador, yet a BOS participant in this code of conduct is referred to as “his”.
  2. A BOS participant cannot be a drug-related company or natural person, a company or natural person who uses child labor or child pornography, or companies and natural persons who have been demonstrably negligent in delivering the promised agreements and quality.
  3. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee can assess that a BOS participant no longer complies with the BOS code of conduct. The before mentioned committee may then decide to terminate the BOS participation of this participant.

The Appointment and Enforcement Committee assesses on the basis of, among other things: the available Chamber of Commerce information, internally obtained information, information from / on, among other things, the Internet and the website of the prospective participant, whether an aspiring participant complies with the BOS code of conduct, and if  they can join as a BOS participant in the BOS organization.

Compliance with the BOS code of conduct

  1. A BOS participant engages in mutual service with his fellow BOS participant in all relevant laws and regulations in the countries in which he is located, the statutes, and the BOS code of conduct.
  2. A BOS participant will refrain from doing anything that could harm BOS in any way whatsoever.
  3. A BOS participant always lives up to his promises.
  4. Each BOS participant is responsible for ensuring that his employees and / or auxiliary persons engaged by him comply with this code of conduct.

BOS and its BOS participants

  1. A BOS participant respects his fellow BOS participant. A BOS participant undertakes to use his knowledge, experience, and working capacity as well as possible in the mutual relationships, cooperation(s) and assignment(s). This also applies to the employees or (auxiliary) persons of the BOS participant.
  2. A BOS participant will confidentially handle the information that is entrusted to him.
  3. A BOS participant will exercise due care that can reasonably be requested from him in connection with the use of the information provided to him in the BOS.
  4. Information obtained in the confidential sphere of BOS will only be provided to BOS participants and third parties, if the BOS provider in question has given permission in advance.
  5. A BOS participant will only bind his name to the services provided or to be provided in a manner that does not damage the appearance of BOS and the connected BOS participants. The information provided through promotional material, on the website and the like must be correct and informative.
  6. A BOS participant will strictly abstain from using and copying products from fellow BOS participants, unless written prior permission has been given.
  7. A BOS participant will not undertake any activities in his recruitment activities for new assignments with the aim of refusing another BOS participant the same assignment on the basis of negative qualifications of the other BOS participant.
  8. A BOS participant does not take the initiative to offer a person, in the service of a fellow BOS participant, to join him or someone else, other than after preliminary consultation with the fellow BOS participant.
  9. A BOS participant will at all times adhere to honest and ethically responsible (trade) practices and will not be guilty of fraud, abuse of confidential information, a misrepresentation of facts or any other intentional unethical or unlawful action.
  10. A BOS participant is expected to use his common sense and even avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Cooperation between BOS participants

  1. A BOS participant complies with the rules for fair competition. The starting point here is that the BOS participates in the power of its products and services.
  2. A BOS participant will, in cooperation with another BOS participant,  avoid interests not concerning the assignment in order to guarantee his independent position towards his fellow BOS participant.
  3. The BOS contractor will endeavor to achieve the result promised to the BOS client to the best of its ability.
  4. If a preliminary investigation precedes cooperation with a BOS participant, then the conditions of this preliminary investigation, including the costs and the confidentiality of the collected information, must be agreed with the BOS client.
  5. The cooperation between BOS participant will always take place by means of a written agreement (offer, contract) in which it is made clear what can be expected of the entrepreneur in the specific order situation.
  6. If new facts or circumstances arise during the execution of the assignment, which would affect the original agreement reached, the contractor and the BOS contractor will be consulted about this in order to make further contractual agreements.
  7. For the purpose of assignments, the BOS contractor will coordinate with a BOS client beforehand and if so, determine the amount that will be charged for his services. This amount will be in accordance with the services provided and the accepted responsibilities. The amount to be paid is recorded in writing and sent to the client. The BOS client commits to pay within the agreed term. No payments will be made to which no invoice relates and which can not be justified in writing.
  8. If a BOS contractor can reasonably expect that an order from a BOS client with whom another BOS contractor is working will lead to a conflict between both BOS contractors, then this will be the BOS client as well as the other BOS contractor of these expectations. letting someone know. In consultation with the BOS client, a solution will be reached, whereby the interests of the BOS client will prevail.

Disagreement between BOS participants

  1. A BOS participant discusses a possible dispute with another BOS participant first with the relevant BOS participant and will involve other BOS participants as little as possible.
  2. A BOS participant will always try to resolve a dispute amicably.
  3. If the BOS participants fail to find a solution together, they can ask the Appointment and Enforcement Committee to mediate.
  4. If this fails, the BOS participant can use the complaints procedure.

Combating corruption and bribery

  1. BOS has a clear standard: BOS participants never pay bribes or kickbacks for any reason whatsoever. It is essential that external parties understand that their activities must fully comply with our standards and that they must carefully record all transactions.

Assignments from unknown BOS participants

  1. The BOS participant, who in his capacity as BOS participants for the provision of services is approached by a non-BOS participant, should not inform this BOS participant of the BOS code of conduct and to indicate that this must first be reported to the BOS commissioning committee before business can be done on the basis of the BOS code of conduct with this party.
  1. In case of non-compliance with one or more BOS code of conduct, a BOS participant can submit a complaint to the Appointment and Enforcement Committee. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee is responsible for handling the complaints.
  2. A complaint can be submitted by email to one of the members of the Appointment and Enforcement Committee. See …
  3. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee will also confirm the receipt of the complaint by email within two weeks. This contains the period within which the committee deals with the complaint, the procedure to be followed and what information it needs more.
  4. The Appointment and Enforcement Committee will at all times apply the hearing and rebuttal principle and, if desired, try to settle the dispute between the BOS participants amicably.
  5. The committee may decide to invite the complainant and the BOS participant to a meeting.
  6. If the Appointment and Enforcement Committee is of the opinion that it is acting in violation of the BOS Code of conduct, it will then notify the Board and the relevant BOS participants in writing within five working days.
  7. A decision of the committee is binding.