Would you like to profile your company via BOS?

You can. As a participant in BOS you can use the page of the participants to profile your company and to publicize it.

In addition, it is possible to place an advertisement in the various banners of the website in for short or long term. You can choose between the banner on the home page or the project page. The choice in which week you want your ad to be shown is up to you.

Due to the start-up of BOS, we can offer you favourable rates for 2019.

Option Product Price for 2020
1. Membership BOS € 175,- per year
2. Participant page setup One-time € 25,-
3. Full color 670 x 745 mm advertisement on banner home page € 25,- per week
4. 4. Full color 500 x 250 mm advertisement on banner home page € 15,- per week
5. Full color 330 x 75 mm advertisement on banner home page € 7,- per week
6. Full color 670 x 745 mm advertisement on banner about us page € 20,- per week
7. Full color 500 x 250 mm advertisement on banner about us page € 12,50 per week

Other conditions

  • After the expiry of the one-year period, the participants’ agreement with BOS will be continued for an indefinite period. You can then cancel the agreement via e-mail per month, with due observance of a notice period of 1 (one) month. In the extension period, the costs and participant contribution will then be charged pro rata;
  • Logos, company details and photos for the advertisement or setting up the participant page must be submitted in a: JPG, JPEG or PNG file.
  • The text for the advertisement or the participant page is supplied in a Microsoft Word-file;
  • The costs, as mentioned, are, for the time being, without VAT for entrepreneurs established in the Netherlands. For entrepreneurs in Suriname or the Netherlands Antilles, in case the foundation is still liable for VAT, a VAT rate of 0 applies;
  • The costs must be paid in unison with the agreement. After receiving the payment, your advertisement and/or company details will be placed on the site;
  • The registration via the button below also applies as an invoice and/or assignment;
  • BOS does not accept any liability for incorrect business listings.

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